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Processing Category Details / Definitions

Category is based on Weight, Part/Assembly/Component Designation

 Category Details:  
 Dip-Soak Processing  
 # 1Non-Precision Components
 Basic Castings, Nuts/Bolts, Non-Precision Stampings and Items That May Be Bulk Processed


 # 2Precision Components
  Machined/Ground Housings, Gears, Shafts(Unground), Simple Machine/Ground Assemblies
 # 3Complex Components (Assemblies)
 Pumps(Open), Gear Boxes, Complex Gear Configurations, Engine / Torque Converter Components,
  Honed Cylinders, Tanks, Gear Shafts, Fuel and Water Pumps, Precision Ground Shafts and other
  items that require extreme care and handling and extensive inspection (Due to complexity)
 Open-Air Processing  
 # 4Open-Air Complex Assemblies and Components
 Complete: Transmissions, Engines, Final Drives, Hydraulic Pumps, Control Valves, etc.. that are
  processed open-air utilizing Rust Ranger "Rust Ranger" Spray and Wipe Systems
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